But that isn’t stopping Toshiba from talking about back-to-school laptops and tablets. And this season, the Japanese company is doing its best to make it so you can’t really tell the difference betwee.

Formerly a lifelong Mac user, I bought my first PC ever in the form of a Chromebook. people who can’t see much practical difference between the last three iterations of their iPhone, the idea of a.

Key specs – Type: Chromebook; Screen size. Up to 10.5 hours The HP Stream is one of the few laptops with such a large scre.

This Chromebook deal comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage but should be fine for basic browsing, emails, document editin.

The laptop’s keyboard is also commendable. HP’s product page says it’s 97 percent full-size, a difference. just Chrome OS, the Stream is a natural choice. Install Chrome on it if you want, and you’.

With its new $200 Chromebook, Acer finally gets what these browser-based laptops are all about. Confusingly, they even share the same “C720” model number. The only difference between Acer’s $200 an.

The Power Trend Fast Charging 86W Reversible Magnetic USB-C Cable adds a MagSafe style magnetic charging port to any laptop that uses USB-C for power. This cable could very well be the difference betw.

Mashable. The HP Stream 11 is exactly what netbooks were supposed to be: less power than an Ultrabook for half the cost that still has a full OS. Remember netbooks? Don’t worry, you shouldn’t. But.

Acer, HP and Toshiba have all released. and tech research firm Gartner predicts that Chromebook sales will more than double in 2014. What’s a Chromebook? Chromebooks look like ordinary laptops, but.

Soon, Chromebooks won’t be just the cheap laptops. HP estimated the device will last about 10.5 hours on a single charge. It’s worth noting that the entirety of the Chromebook x2’s battery is insid.

The HP Chromebook 14 is similar to Acer’s Chromebook, but it’s an entire 14 inches rather than 13.3. It can also be converted for desired use either as a laptop or a tablet. Those are the major dif.

ASUS’ X551MA makes our list of the best laptops for college students as its a perfect blend mid-range and is only $50 more than the HP Stream 13. For instance, there aren’t many differences between.

They get you online and let you stream movies and music. I’m genuinely considering buying a Chromebook. Let’s get one thing out of the way before I dive into this review: the difference between the.

Moving down into the main keyboard area, you’ll see noticeable gaps between the screen, the bulky hinge, and the base. That’s.

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A short while ago, Google and HP announced a brand new metal-clad Chromebook. Core M laptop; Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook? Clearly, from looking at all the hardware specifications of the two note.

The Chromebook is fairly simple as the. Not the best in the laptop business, but certainly enough for most real world uses. The only real difference between the systems is small but important. The.

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At the same time, you might expect the 13.9-inch Lenovo Yoga C930 to weigh more than the 13.3-inch HP Spectre x360 because of.

Most Chromebooks are small, inexpensive laptops designed to run Google’s Chrome. For basic tasks, it’s kind of tough to tell the difference between the Dell Chromebook 11 with a Core i3 Haswell pro.